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The sky is the only limit to mankind

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The sky is the only limit to mankind

Category: Admission Essay

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Level: PhD

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The Sky Is The Only Limit To Mankind
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The Sky Is The Only Limit To Mankind
Success does require endurance and focus. I have had many challenges toward my academic ladder. My childhood is the main attribute of my hard work in school, and I am convinced beyond doubt that everyone can succeed as long as they can remain focused. I have worked day in day out to see to it that I achieve my academic. The only way of serving the community and my nation especially in solving domestic problems associated with Child abuse is attaining a high level of knowledge from universities.
There has been a natural force driving me to take all activities and opportunities in life with the seriousness they require. My attitude to education was changed from negative to positive when I was at high school when I joined Social Club. We did community work and visited orphanage homes to offer food aids and personal contributions (Stewart & Muchnick, 2004). It is at this point that I remembered the purpose of getting an opportunity to be educated. I lacked parental support during my early age and the high school education was successful due to the sponsorship that I received from well-wishers.
After High school, my desire was to get a chance in a competitive university to attain the best education that could transform me into a useful person in the society. I got an opportunity to study my undergraduate of which I sponsored myself through part-time jobs that I used to undertake. I suffered as a child, and this enabled me to work tirelessly to attain high grades so that my future would not be the same.
Along with my urge to be the best from scratch, I always seek for more tasks that are challenging to give me the courage upstairs. I am a live member of the Social Club as well as Straight Talk Club, which has promoted the awareness about child rights and overall human rights that are to be observed at all times. My interest in my course grew when I did my undergraduate research under my professor who encouraged me to consider undertaking a master’s degree. I kept all pleasure aside and through the grace of God I completed my postgraduate successfully.
I plan to be an active member of the school given an opportunity. Similarly, I am purposed to come up with innovations from the knowledge and skills that I will acquire from the institution. I am always a team leader, and I intend to keep teamwork throughout my studies to attain the best since unity is the beginning of any success. My childhood hardship remains a motivating factor in my life. I used to miss meals due to discrimination that I received from my parents. I follow the same motivations proposed by a Greek mathematician by the name Archimedes who at one time said that “ Offer me a long fulcrum on which to place it and I will move the world.” The indication of this phrase shows that in life, getting exposed to varied life experience and knowledge increases the possibility of exploring hidden opportunities and ideas (Stewart & Muchnick, 2004).
The construction of a useful lever has just commenced for me. I believe that there are many opportunities and ideas that I am yet to encounter. Life entails maximizing every opportunity that comes by during lifetime. I am certain and convinced beyond doubt that having undergone hardship during my childhood and still managed to this level; I will be able to be molded into a useful person within and outside the university.
Stewart, M., & Muchnick, C. (2004). Peterson’s best college admission essays. Lawrenceville, NJ: Thomson Peterson’s.
Toomer, G., & Clagett, M. (1967). Archimedes in the Middle Ages. Speculum, 42(2), 362. http://dx.doi.org/10.2307/2854690

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