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The sky is the only limit to mankind

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The sky is the only limit to mankind

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Business

Level: PhD

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The Sky Is The Only Limit To Mankind
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The Sky Is The Only Limit To Mankind
Success does require endurance and focus. I have had many challenges toward my academic ladder. My childhood is the main attribute of my hard work in school, and I am convinced beyond doubt that everyone can succeed as long as they can remain focused. I have worked day in day out to see to it that I achieve my academic. The only way of serving the community and my nation especially in solving domestic problems associated with Child abuse is attaining a high level of knowledge from universities.
There has been a natural force driving me to take all activities and opportunities in life with the seriousness they require. My attitude to education was changed from negative to positive when I was at high school when I joined Social Club. We did community work and visited orphanage homes to offer food aids and personal contributions (Stewart & Muchnick, 2004). It is at this point that I remembered the purpose of getting an opportunity to be educated. I lacked parental support during my early age and the high school education was successful due to the sponsorship that I received from well-wishers.
After High school, my desire was to get a chance in a competitive university to attain the best education that could transform me into a useful person in the society. I got an opportunity to study my undergraduate of which I sponsored myself through part-time jobs…

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