The Significant Design and Structure of the Eiffel Tower

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The Significant Design and Structure of the Eiffel Tower

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The Significant Design and Structure of the Eiffel Tower

Monday morning, the sun shines brightly with the rays cutting through the snow-white lace curtains that hide the inner architecture of the room to the outside world. Shortly after some minutes, the alarm rings and it is time to prepare for the early morning history class. The lecturer arrives first on time; thus significant for all students to be quick enough to avoid missing the lecture notes. However, something special never escapes every person’s eye when using either a train, taxi, aeroplane or cruising. On the way to various parts of Paris, majestically stands the Eiffel Tower. The tower stands out like a giant landmark watching over the city of Paris and its environs. The structure of the tower symbolises the industrial revolution and the artistic skills people of that time possessed concerning construction and engineering. That is why being a student of history is a pleasure because one gets to learn more about historic artefacts and other human crafts and works.
The Eiffel Tower stands so strong that it creates the fear of what it hides concerning the citizens of France. Many attribute its liking to be holding the truth about the future of the country. Primarily, one can never miss recognising the efforts laid by Gustave Eiffel, who envisioned and set up the idea of constructing the tower in the heart of Paris. Made with a thousand tonnes of iron and rivets joining the metals, the “Iron Lady,” another name for the tower, rises to a height of up to 324 metres above the City of Light. The tower required beautification; thus, golden lights were set up surrounding the tower to sparkle automatically after every one hour. France enjoys and boasts of hosting such a historic landmark, which has influenced learners, researchers, and moviemakers among others. For instance, many movie directors strive to have the Tower appear in their films. Besides, every school poster in the country always portrays the tower as a motivation for students. Furthermore, the Iron Lady has been an influence on singers such as Jacques Dutronc, who raised concerns that the tower might have cold feet. Moreover, writers and painters have used the tower as a source of motivation to portray their artistic works.
The symbolic structure of the tower plays a significant role in the economy of France. Many hotels have been set up to accommodate the high number of tourists visiting the site to enjoy themselves. From the second level of the tower, visitors can view all of Paris monuments, valleys, rivers, and other significant structures. Each of the towers levels provide tourists with different eye-catching views depending on how far one can go above the tower. In the evening, visitors are allowed to visit the Iron Lady up to 11 pm, to enjoy the scenic view of the city of light during the night. Besides, the tower provides room for spectacular theatrical events such as the Blue Tower, which correlates with the French Presidency, and the Bastille Day fireworks. The scenic view facilitated by the Tower provides one with room for relaxing the mind and appreciating the artistic works of engineers, and much more, appreciate all of the nature’s creation. The internal meanders of the Tower are symbolic and represent the structure of a hidden route, which one is required to work an extra mile to find a way out of the Tower. Apart from that, the Tower provides one with a single view of the world, by just climbing through its levels. The scenic view is the reason as to why tourists flock in day and night.
The Eiffel Tower is a representation of both the old ways and the modern days. In the old ways, it represents the industrial revolution, the ancient circus, prose writers and painters, and the works of great engineers such as Gustave Eiffel. When it comes to modernity, institutions such as the American drive-in movie, offers simultaneous activities where tourists can enjoy films of all kind and the freshness of the night breeze. Over the years, many people thought of the tower useless and with no value to the society. However, with time the population came to understand the value of the Tower and its significance to the people. Scientifically the Tower can be used for aerodynamic measurements, research on problems of communication, radio-electrical research, and meteorological observations. These uses are significant for students learning at all levels; thus, the Tower lives up to be a dream come true for many individuals. Besides, during world war one, the military used the Tower for military observation. Thereafter, it gained the symbolic idea of liberty, and freedom to the people of Paris.
The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly one of the most prominent structures created by man. The construction of the Iron Lady is significant to the history of humankind because it represents the industrial revolution. A period, which many inventions and structures came up, and many struggles for power were witnessed. Apart from that, the tower relates to humanity in terms of it stands as a symbol of truth, liberty, and freedom. Tourists all over the world have enjoyed their visits to the Tower because of the scenic view on top of the Tower, both day and night. The Iron Lady serves as a motivational force for students, filmmakers, artists, and painters of ancient and modern times. One cannot forget the artistic skills and efforts laid by engineers in putting up the structure. The floor plan and the final finishing of the Tower represent the talents and competencies that human beings possess, and how far humankind can reach in search of pleasure and happiness. The description of the Eiffel Tower is complicated to manoeuvre in one day due to its design and the historical purpose it holds. As a result, it is a structure of the study, now and the future to come.

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