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The Significant Design and Structure of the Eiffel Tower

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The Significant Design and Structure of the Eiffel Tower

Monday morning, the sun shines brightly with the rays cutting through the snow-white lace curtains that hide the inner architecture of the room to the outside world. Shortly after some minutes, the alarm rings and it is time to prepare for the early morning history class. The lecturer arrives first on time; thus significant for all students to be quick enough to avoid missing the lecture notes. However, something special never escapes every person’s eye when using either a train, taxi, aeroplane or cruising. On the way to various parts of Paris, majestically stands the Eiffel Tower. The tower stands out like a giant landmark watching over the city of Paris and its environs. The structure of the tower symbolises the industrial revolution and the artistic skills people of that time possessed concerning construction and engineering. That is why being a student of history is a pleasure because one gets to learn more about historic artefacts and other human crafts and works.
The Eiffel Tower stands so strong that it creates the fear of what it hides concerning the citizens of France. Many attribute its liking to be holding the truth about the future of the country. Primarily, one can never miss recognising the efforts laid by Gustave Eiffel, who envisioned and set up the idea of constructing the tower in the heart of Paris. Made with a thousand tonnes of iron and rivets joining the metals, the “Iron Lady,” another nam…

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