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The Shy too can Lead

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The Shy too can Lead
Long before I joined high school, as early as I could remember, I used to be the most introverted kid in the room. The moment I stepped into high school, my biggest fear was coping in a new environment with no familiar human shield in the form of my mother. Little did I know that as time passed by I would overcome my biggest predicament and become a voice for the weak and the meek of the society, transformed!
In my mind, in my own twisted way, I believed leaders were made from the sanguine material. The loudest person in the room or the one who could speak most words in a minute was the only type that could lead. However, in my own twisted way, I secretly admired those who could structure their words into coherence, whether they spoke loudly or softly. It pained me that words always vamoosed the moment I needed them and that any demonstration in front of the class could be possible only with my back turned to the crowd. Pathetic! I dreaded being in a place where I had to meet new people and therefore attending social events was a nightmare.
I cannot pinpoint exactly when my attitude changed, but I know it had much to do with group discussions. Since I have always been an adept timekeeper, arriving early prepared on the subject always gave me priority over my colleagues. This is where I started getting involved. The fear of mistakes diminished, and consequently, I found myself doing class presentations and getting applauded…

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