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The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire

Category: Classification Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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The Roman Empire
1 (A) Octavius was a man of the people. During his reign, there were severe challenges due to the cold war. People fought each other through propaganda and even through hate speech. Hatred bestowed the whole of Rome. However, Octavius worked on restoring people’s love and dignity. As a result, he received various titles. First, Augustus was given by the senate in recognition of his recommendable services and dignity to the senate. Second, he was given a title “Imperium Proconsulare” in recognition of his proconsul powers. Also due to tribunician powers, he was given a title “tribunicia potestas.” He was also made pontifex maximus and hence being given a title “Pater patriae.” Octavius was also given the title of “Imperator” as the command of the army. However, he chose the title of “Princeps Civitatis” as the first citizen of the state. He wanted people to know him as a citizen who has trust among people rather than a person governing people due to his powerful name.
B. Augustus worked hard to change the senate and restore it to its normal state like in the time of Sulla or even Julius Ceaser. He reduced the number of members and executives in the senate from 900 to 600 members. He also changed it to be a form of the advisory department that helped in the running of the empire.
2 (A) On the other hand, he changed the army. He developed a team of nine thousand men and named it “praetorian guard.” Th…

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