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The Role of the Massage Therapist in a Therapeutic Relationship with a Client

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The Role of the Massage Therapist in a Therapeutic Relationship with a Client

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Journalism

Level: College

Pages: 7

Words: 1925

Therapeutic Relationship
The changing aspects of a client and a therapist can be very complex and dynamic. Body workers that are very successful draw much attention not only to the procedures they use but also to the much details that are involved in maintaining and cultivating the relationship with the client. Ethical issues are very key in each and every partnership and every therapist, as long as he or she wants to keep their customers coming back and bringing their friends they should make themselves aware of situations that are very challenging and they might occur in any session with the client. Most people nowadays are so much into working out and they are flooding in massage parlors and other weight reduction and body building centers. This shows that this is a business that is doing well all over and the competition is very stiff. So every therapist must do their best to maintain the clients they already have even if more is not likely to be added.
Every client before they walk into a massage parlor they believe that the therapist they are going to find there is the best and he or she is going to do what they want to be done in their bodies. They give all their trust to the professionals, look unto them to provide the best services and know exactly what they are doing. The only guarantee that the client has the therapist that they are going to do well is the assumption and thus it is the burden of the therapist to prove it. T…

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