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the role of technology in armed conflict in the twentieth century.

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the role of technology in armed conflict in the twentieth century.

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Role of Technology in Armed Conflicts
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The Role of Technology in Armed Conflict in the 20th century
With the rapid advance in technology, the society has been influence in several ways that had never been witnessed before the 20th century. All aspects of human life have undergone transformation in one way or another. Today, even the art of war, conflict and conflict resolution between nations has taken a new course with the injection of modern machines and ideas based on the most current technological systems. Its effects are immense especially on the negative side and cannot be ignored by human nature. Armed conflicts have been experienced since the 18th century and still exist presently. As nations look for ways to deal with their adversaries, new ways of the art of war are invented and the result is a prolonged armed warfare that threatens human life and global stability.
This research is based on the current armed conflicts between nations and emerging issues like terrorism and how technology has been used to that effect. Further, it explores how the art of war has evolved wit technological advancements over the years right from the 18th and 19th centuries when the two phases of world war took place. The art of war has witnessed tremendous evolution in terms of ideas and weapons based on up to date technology systems. The results are prolonged conflicts that have deprived many nations of peace.
This research…

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