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The Role of Punishment in “The Divine Comedy” by Dante

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The Role of Punishment in “The Divine Comedy” by Dante
In this essay, we shall answer a set of questions regarding the role of punishment in both Purgatorio and Inferno. In that way, we shall comment on the purposes of punishment in both Paradiso, and Purgatorio. Also, we shall expand on all the theory around what happens with the souls in the purgatory, according The Divine Comedy. However, before expanding on the subjects in the poem, it is important to speak about the concepts of purgatory, and hell, according to the Christian doctrine followed by Dante.
The Purgatory according to the Christian Doctrine. To start, it is important to determine, what we mean by purgatory. Those who die in god’s grace, but are not completely purified, are assured salvation. However, after being able to attain it, they have to undergo a certain kind of purification to achieve the holiness, and purification necessary to enter in heaven (Staples 1). Although Purgatory is not explicitly in the Bible, it says that nothing unclean shall enter heaven. In that light, since many people has not been sanctified before their death, nor have lived a saint-like life, they need the purgatory to be able to present themselves clean before the eyes of the Lord. To many Catholics, purgatory is one of the most important dogmas of the Christian faith, but for many Protestants, purgatory is an uncomfortable subject, since it denies the importance of the sacrifice that Christ did and represented …

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