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The Role of Gender in the Society

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The Role of Gender in the Society

Category: Book Review

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

Sex and gender, the two phrases that are almost pronounced together in every sentence, yet in practice, they become antagonists. In Isabel Quintero’s book, “Gabi, a Girl in Pieces”, the role of gender and sex are closely looked into from the eyes of a youthful girl, Gabi. The same topic is highly discussed in Jean Kilbourne’s analytical book, “Two ways a woman can get hurt”; from the advertisement that uses women as sex symbols view. The interaction between men and women sometimes gets to be controlled by passion; however, sometimes it is controlled by rage and anger. Frustrations and joy always characterize how people live, share, act and become members of society together. Where then, can the line be drawn that would guide the interactions between men and women in as far as gender roles and sex in the society is a matter to consider. This paper presents a synthesis of gender and sex from the context of the works of Isabel Quintero and Jean Kilbourne.
Gender Roles in the Society
The society is very cruel to the feminine gender and praises the male gender so much. The lack of equality as depicted by the way people live, act, behave and get rewarded is a matter that has suppressed women and given a lot of credit to men. The biases of the society towards women has also been very instrumental in defining the way of life, raising, male chauvinists who give less respect to and regard to the women (Quintero 228-230). At the same time, the way the society portray women as weaker gender to men is, unfortunately, and only works to ensure that women remain to be submissive to men forever. The widely practiced concept of the nineteenth century leads to the formation of strong movements that championed the rights of women.
Gabi presents a case where men should always be superior to women, a special clique of organisms that are always correct, untouchables, possibly holy and always correct. The men strive to oppress women, and the moment they success, they are praised. They are considered victors at the expense of their victims (Quintero 131). Therefore, the female generation can only live in fear, for being victimized whenever they are conquered, but not being helped from the conquerors. In other areas, even in the modern day, women are unfairly used as advertising idols and sex tools. Through the advertisements, they include the products to be sold, as submissive and vulnerable. Some advertisements encourage men to go for particular products if only they would need to win again. In some other cases, the advertisements portray a case where owning particular products like jeans shorts would give dominance over the womenfolk.
Stereotype Society
When Gabi and Cindy made a choice to date, have strong relationships decide to indulge in sex, their parents felt that they are antisocial, and should not get fair treatment in the society. They are considered social outcasts and unwanted. There is nobody who is willing to help them. Out of being stereotyped, young ladies even fail to report autocracies that they face. Though she was drugged and later raped by the German, Cindy gets to be pregnant, and yet nobody is willing to believe her (Quintero, 228-231). She is also so stereotyped that she feels that reporting the matter to the agencies that may help her would bear no fruits. Stereotyping is still prevalent even in the modern society. People still believe that using women as sex idol in their advertisements would give them more views and possibly sales. It is the stereotyping that captures the whole society, and it is so strongly knit hat even the women may sometimes rebuke one of their own who tries to go against the system.
Sexism in the Society
The use of women to do advertisements is in a sorry state. According to Kilbourne, the advertisements are sometimes accompanied with abusive words. The advertisement that included a woman trunk and below the breast it was written, “Bitch” is a clear autocracy and disregard to women (Kilbourne 277). Gender roles and sexism are attributed that the society can put to proper use to improve the level of understanding, love, passion, togetherness and improvement of social values. On the contrary, sex differences have been used to press the female more than the male gender.
Social view of Identity
The society expects the members to behave in predefined particular way. A behavior that deviates from the expected system is considered antisocial, irrelevant and one that need is to be criticized. This, however, does not give regard to the needs and aspirations of the person will and personality. When Sebastian declared that he is gay, nobody wanted to hear has a side of the story. Hus aunt sent him away from home, and he had to live off the friends like Gabi. Unfortunately, they worked on brutal correction of the problem, rather than understanding the problem cause. Sending him to be prayed for, or to a psychologist are just superficial solutions that do not help in curative solutions to gay problems (Quintero 89). A good society should, first of all, need to know why Sebastian was not interested in ladies, the possible causes of the situation and possible address to the problems, and not the characteristics.
Likewise, ladies who come out to date men before formal marriage through a wedding are also considered social deviants. Gabi’s mother was beaten up by her grandmother when the mother told grandmother that she was pregnant with Gabi (Quintero 7). It is unfortunate that even at twenty-five years of age; Gabi’s grandmother could still to believe that her daughter was mature enough to make her decisions. She was still to be submissive to the oppressive social systems. The fear of pregnancy is the reason Gabi got the constant reminder of the phrase, “Eyes open, legs closed”.
A society that victimizes people based on their identity is an oppressive society. People should have the right to choose their actions as long as they can justify their choices. Adults, particularly, should not live under the constant oppression of how to do things always in the right way. Discrimination should be replaced with understanding, compassion and correction, but not brutality and rage.
Culture Influence on Gender
Cultural practices are only as good as they foster social justices and developments. Cultures that oppress some members of the same society unfairly should not be celebrated. In one case, the Hispanic ladies are required to remain at home helping with the family chores before a respectable suitor shows up to the parents and take her away in marriage. In some cultures, going to school was seen as a way to hide from the parents and become immoral and bad girls. The use of the tag good versus bad therefore rings very loudly in the minds of Gabi, as this is the message that her mom and aunties kept telling her. Being good in their contexts, however, meant not attending college, and avoiding men as much as possible. It is a cultural practice that must be done away with if the society needs to prosper (Quintero 184).
The society is an important place to model and develop individuals. However, with time, social changes may require a change in perceptions, behavior, and practices. If the society members stick to the old practices despite their outright irrelevance, then continued maintenance of such practices becomes oppressive. Stereotyping, discrimination based on gender roles and sexism should not be given root in a progressive society. Everybody should be treated fairly and equally.

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