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The Role of Gender in the Society

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The Role of Gender in the Society

Category: Book Review

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

Sex and gender, the two phrases that are almost pronounced together in every sentence, yet in practice, they become antagonists. In Isabel Quintero’s book, “Gabi, a Girl in Pieces”, the role of gender and sex are closely looked into from the eyes of a youthful girl, Gabi. The same topic is highly discussed in Jean Kilbourne’s analytical book, “Two ways a woman can get hurt”; from the advertisement that uses women as sex symbols view. The interaction between men and women sometimes gets to be controlled by passion; however, sometimes it is controlled by rage and anger. Frustrations and joy always characterize how people live, share, act and become members of society together. Where then, can the line be drawn that would guide the interactions between men and women in as far as gender roles and sex in the society is a matter to consider. This paper presents a synthesis of gender and sex from the context of the works of Isabel Quintero and Jean Kilbourne.

Gender Roles in the Society
The society is very cruel to the feminine gender and praises the male gender so much. The lack of equality as depicted by the way people live, act, behave and get rewarded is a matter that has suppressed women and given a lot of credit to men. The biases of the society towards women has also been very instrumental in defining the way of life, raising, male chauvinists who give less respect to and regard to the women (Quintero 228-230). At the same time, the way the society p…

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