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the risque of the Iran nuclear deal

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the risque of the Iran nuclear deal

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The Risque of the Iran Nuclear Deal
On April 2015, the European Nations on behalf of the P5+1 countries agreed on the key parameters that would ensure a comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran. Despite this, differences have emerged between the United States of America and Iran regarding the agreed nuclear deal. The differences between these two countries reflect both the political spin and the remaining issues that have not been resolved. In this excerpt, I will show the risks that will arise from Iran’s nuclear deal.
Even though some people argue that Iran will produce a lot of energy from its nuclear reactors that will bring about improvement in technology, the risks that will come about from Iran’s nuclear deal are more than the advantages. One of the risks is that it will be difficult for the monitoring inspectors to determine whether Iran has come out clean on its nuclear activities (Ronen 3).
Another risk that will arise from this deal is that it will be difficult for the inspectors to determine the location of the nuclear sites. Although, the inspectors have the permission of accessing all the declared nuclear sites, Iran will be free to develop other nuclear sites in other locations that might not be known by the inspectors, and this might give Iran a chance to manufacture nuclear weapons (Sanger, David, and Michael 1). On addition, if Iran continues with the production of uranium after the expiry of the accord will be an indication that Iran has decided to manufacture nuclear weapons that will in turn trigger an American military strike (Kemp, Geoffrey, and John 5).
Although, Iran’s nuclear deal can bring about a lot of advantages such as lowering the cost of energy, improving the economy and technology, the risks that are associated with Iran’s nuclear deal are more than the advantages.
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