The right career choice

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The right career choice

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One of the ultimate challenges facing students is making the right career choice and getting a chance to study in an institution that values their mission and vision. Making the wrong career choice is a mistake I do not want to regret for the rest of my life. The simplest way to make the correct career choice is following my dreams, what I love and enjoy doing no matter the challenges I face. My passion is to help people who are treated unfairly or who know nothing about the existence of justice. The world is full of inequalities, and it has become a norm where every individual wants to take advantage of the others. I do not dream of such a world, I aspire to live in a world where there are no social ills, and all people are treated equally no matter their social status. My desires to make the world a better place pushed me into choosing law as a career path in your institution because I share the same career statement as this great institution.
I happened to visit my home country in the year the elections were held. The elections took place in the year 2012 and from what I heard from family members and friends the elections were not conducted fairly to their expectations. The people in my motherland were not happy with the results of the elections and having no other way of seeking the justice they started to protest. It is better to deal with a pack of hungry wolves than angry citizens seeking justice for their well-being and the future generations. I do not want to be a hero in my home country, but I want to educate my fellow countrymen to be heroes by fighting for their rights in a civil way instead of taking to the streets causing unrests, deaths and economic loss to the nation.
I want to fight for the freedom of my beloved country and my fellow citizens. I want a better country where civilians have freedom of expression in public and privacy. I dream of a peaceful Egypt where leaders are elected democratically and where every person no matter your social status is under the constitution. I have a vision of Egypt where all citizens have a right to choose their leader and that no person who expresses themselves for the improvement of the nation will have to fear for their lives. I believe I am the next great leader of Egypt, I do not have to be the President, but I will educate my people on the importance of human rights. I want to stand up for every individual and make sure that justice prevails in all corners of Egypt.
By getting a chance to study law at your institution, I get the sword to fight for my nation and the shield to protect my people from injustice. I want to restore peace and understanding in this great nation. The only way I can start for Egypt is by getting the know-how, and that will come from studying Law. Kindly consider me for admission in your institution so that I can fight for my nation and the citizens and hence helping me follow my dreams and achieve my career objectives.