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The Relationship between Prison Program Participation and Recidivism

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The Relationship between Prison Program Participation and Recidivism

Category: Research Proposal

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: Academic

Pages: 11

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Prison Program Participation and Recidivism
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AbstractDecades of research have solely put their focus on prison-based programs as the only way of dealing with the ballooning cases of recidivism. Although this has been able to provide the necessary data applicable in the participation and integration of prisoners into the society, there is much that needs to be done. Little attention is being paid to community-based integration programs. The need for strong community participation in the acceptance of offenders back into the community as parolees is evident yet it has not been given the priority it deserves. Recently, there has been a clear indication of a strong bond between recidivism and participation of inmates in reintegration programs. The relationship has shown that the figures of offenders who undergo recidivism are high in communities where there are no clear community-based integration programs. This study utilizes the work of (Foster,2012) in attempting to establish the linkages and correlations between prison-based programs, post-release employment acquisition, and recidivism. The research is based on observation of two groups of ex-prisoners and how they integrate into the society. Their behavior, adaptation to the new environment and the frequency at which recidivism occurs (if any) is the key variables under consideration here.
Prison Program Participation and Recidivism

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