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The Real Monster in Frankenstein

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The Real Monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Frankenstein is an exceptional novel dealing with idealism and other related emotions which are experienced in life. The authors of the story, Mary Shelley examines crucial issues, for instance, the application of science as well as the knowledge for the good of humanity and not for personal gain without being responsible for the same. The novel in some manner depicts false perception that the creature is the monster. From the definition of the monster, it is clear that Dr. Victor possesses the qualities of the monster, and we can conclude that he is the real monster but not the creature itself. He rejects his creation after birth meaning he evades his responsibility, he is hostile towards the monster, and lastly is his selfishness towards other people and his creation.
Dr. Victor is the real monster since he disowns and rejects the creature yet he created it. It is welcomed to the world in a heartless manner. Victor abandons it, and when it approached him a few hours after being created, he became terrified and ran away (Shelley 43). Victor left the creature on his own, failing to understand he cannot understand the world. The novel depicts it as an infant attempting to learn all the things that should be taught to kids by parents. He is not only rejected by his creator but also by the villagers, and he cannot understand the reasons for rejection. This made him more hostile to humans. Vi…

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