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The principle of utility by Jeremy Bentham

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The principle of utility by Jeremy Bentham

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The principle of utility by Jeremy Bentham
Bentham’s principle of Utility recognizes the crucial role played by pleasure and pain the life of a human being. It also approves and disapproves of any action based on the level of pleasure or pain that may be brought about, such as the consequences (Audi 125). Moreover, his utility principle equates good deeds with pleasure while evil has been equated with the pain inflicted on a human being (Audi 125). Betham finally asserts that pain and pleasure have the capability to quantify. In measure the pain and pleasure that may be inflicted on a human, he introduces criteria that may be employed: Uncertainty or certainty, Duration, Nearness, and the intensity. Moreover, he adds that the purity and fecundity can also be included in the measure of pain and pleasure (Audi 126).

Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill
Mill’s refers to utilitarianism as the greatest happiness principle that seeks to promote the ability to attain happiness (high levels of pleasure) for most human beings (Audi 127). He adjusted the more hedonistic tendencies that in the philosophy of Bentham by emphasizing that it is not just the quantity of pleasure, but rather the quality of happiness that is central to the concept of utilitarianism. According to Mill’s, qualities are not quantifiable (there is usually a distinction between lower and higher levels of pleasures) (Audi 128). Mills endorses three distinct conceptions of happiness and good:
Hedonism: Pleasure …

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