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The Patriot Act

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The Patriot Act
The U.S Patriot Act was meant to help fight terrorism after the devastating 9/11 terrorist attack that claimed many American lives. The American Congress adopted the Act to help combat terrorism and help catch terrorists before they carried out any attacks. The U.S Patriot Act is a short form meaning Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to intercept and Obstruct Terrorism. Congress passed the act in 2001 and President George W Bush signed and approved the Act. Some of the sections of the Act expired in 2011 and were resigned by President Barrack Obama. In June 2015, three sections of the Act expired, and an extension failed to get the approval of the Congress. The sections were however restored on June 2nd, 2015 when Congress passed the U.S.A Freedom Act. These sections were extended to 2019, and they were; Roving Wire Taps, Search of Business Records for any suspects without any warrants, and surveillance of ‘lone wolves’. However, before the sections were restored, Section 215 was amended to stop the NSA from collecting mass phone data and let the phone companies retain the data and NSA to obtain the data for particular suspects through a request approved by the federal court. This essay argues the pros and cons of the U.S Patriot Act to ascertain whether the Act is more helpful to the public or whether it is harmful and whether it should be in place or whether it should be abo…

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