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The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

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Descriptive summary of The New Jim Crow novel by Michelle Alexander
The new Jim Crow is a book that presents the credible and well-researched discussion of the race-related issues that resulted in the mass incarceration of African-Americans in the US. The book was written exclusively by Alexander Michelle, who is known for his contribution in the liberation of bad governance in the US. Alexander was a successful career person and a legal scholar who advocated for civil rights through authorized processes including litigation (Alexander 1). The man is credited for contributing towards the awareness creation of the oppressive governance and discrimination that African-Americans were facing in the US. The book remains a valued item among book readers in the nation and globally. IT has continually received positive acceptance in the market due to its reliability and insightful information that it presents.
The book details the atrocities that African-Americans were facing or experiencing in the US. The unfair practices that are covered are the mass incarceration, racial discrimination, social injustices, lack of access to basic healthcare, and education. Likewise, it details how the Negroes and other minority groups were socially and economically disadvantaged in the US. According to Alexander (2), the racial discrimination evident in the US is impeding the integration process of individuals from the diverse background. The …

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