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the new deal and the great depression

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The new deal and the great depression
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The topic of the new deal and the greatest depression is a history that covers the roaring 20s when there was a great depression that affected the stock market of the United States and the effect even extending globally. There was a severe blow on the economy that had a long term effect, business collapsed while salaries and demand of goods decreased thus leading to decrease in value of money. Consequently, the great depression had a negative social impact whereby the industrial output was dismantled hence leading to Americans enduring long hardship. This was a result of fall of businesses, unemployment, drop of agricultural prices and high dependency ratio. However, after the inauguration of Franklin Roosevelt there was a new deal concerning the financial instability that had paralyzed the economy that was eventually. The new deal involved passage of banking reforms laws, work programs, agricultural programs and the emergency relief programs. Moreover, after the great depression the social security act of 1936 was enacted to provide financial benefits to the old people, blind people, crippled children, maternal and child welfare, public health and the administration of their c…

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