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The Modern Proposal By: Jonathan Swift

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Critical analysis of Jonathan Swift’s “A Modern Proposal.”
In the late 1800s, Ireland faced the challenges due to conflicting ideologies that different intellectual and non-specialists perpetuated through their pamphlets. However, the controversial author Jonathan Swift went against all these odds to write his book “A Modern Proposal” to construct a different satirical proposal to the citizens of Ireland of the time. He rejects the evils of the state of Ireland and supports the ethical ideas. This paper will analyze the novel A Modern Proposal through the evaluation of the overpopulation and famine as the author describes them. The analysis is going to establish the extent of poverty and overcrowding as some of the factors that affected the development of most states in the seventeenth century.
Swift uses ridicule to fault the backward and filthy state of Ireland due to the springing of different social classes that are dictated by the ideologies of capitalists. He proposes that all the children of the desolate and the poor will play an important yet dehumanizing role providing the resources for the feeding and even clothing of many people in attempts to improve the economy of Ireland (868). The controversial author records that most women in Ireland of the days contributed actively to bringing forth children even without any good knowledge of how they are to feed them. In his perspective, Jonathan Swift feels that his propo…

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