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The Miller’s Tale

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The Miller’s Tale

Category: Argumentative Essay

Subcategory: Application Letter

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The Miller’s Tale
I appreciate Jaclyn O’Brien’s insight and representation in her discussion as she has pointed and singled out a lot of ideas and poetic styles applied in the poem. The explanations and illustrations given depict the right methods employed in the stanza, and the content is quite educative. The verse that she chose was perfect as it was composed of entirely many poetic forms that were recognizable. The aspects of metaphors, rhyming words bring about rhythm and musicality in the poem (Israelsohn, 2007).
Despite the impressive analysis, she failed to mention some aspect of alliteration, which is the repetition of initial consonants and was evident from the stanza in the line 3587 which states “Ne clepe, ne crie” translated as “nor call, nor cry.” The consonants “n” and “c” are repeated and are usually applied to express an idea or a feeling, create a rhythm and agency (Donaldson, 1950). Alliteration has been used to show the feeling that would be experienced. The experience would be worse for them but in each other’s prayer would endure the situation. However, this was a deception.
The five lines surrounding the stanza chosen by Jaclyn O’Brien convey quite an important message as they articulate the actions that were to be done by John, the husband who had been lied to by Nicholas to get a chance to sleep with his wife (Hébert, 2006). The character of John displays aspects of foolishness, ig…

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