The metamorphosis

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Analysis of “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka
In this essay, we shall do a brief analysis on some parts of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. In order to do a thorough analysis, we shall address the question asked directly.
No characters, Gregor included, try to determine how to cure Gregor. What does this suggest about Gregor’s transformation and how does it affect the reader’s interpretation of the story?There is not a straight answer to this question since the book does not provide a concrete answer to this particular question. For instance, there is not a part of the book where Gregor or his family try to discover a cure for Gregor’s condition “However, now both his father and his mother often waited in front of Gregor’s door while his sister cleaned up inside, and as soon as she came out she had to explain in detail how things looked in the room, what Gregor had eaten, how he had behaved this time, and whether perhaps a slight improvement was perceptible.” (Kafka 50). As we can see, this presents us a different problem because this means that his parents are starting to accept his identity as a bug, instead of seeking for a way to revert him to his former state. In a different light, if we see the life Gregor lived before turning into a bug. The life of a travelling salesman is not an easy life, and he had to work incredibly hard to get little money to support his family. Besides, he is given no respect for the work he does. “Gregor later earned so much money that he was in a position to bear the expenses of the entire family, expenses which he, in fact, did bear. They had become quite accustomed to it, both the family and Gregor as well. They took the money with thanks, and he happily surrendered it, but the special warmth was no longer present. Only the sister had remained still close to Gregor” (Kafka 43). This suggests that the only importance Gregor bore for his family was because of his money-making capabilities. After his dead, his family even starts to live a fruitful life, even trying to find her sister a husband. In that light, Gregor’s transformation was foreshadowed, by the way, his family already treated him like a bug, which is why his life did not change much. We can only think that to Gregor he was a bug already.
As we can see, family plays a key role in The Metamorphosis. They are not entirely antagonistic, but they lack the sensibility to address the subject they are living. If we look closely, we see that there is also a transformation within the family. (McCarty 1) In the beginning, his transformation brought hatred and fear in his family, despite all he had done for them. Gregor’s transformation snaps them from the lethargic situation they had been living in. As they get their independence, they forget Gregor, and despite adjusting to his changes, they still do not care about him, or what happens to him. In a strict sense, the only way Kafka had for Gregor’s family to live a life of their own was by either killing Gregor or disappearing him. Masterfully, Kafka chose a different path and was able to provide a different outcome in the novel
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