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The Lovely Bones (book)/ The blind side (movie) compariative essay

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Based on a true story, the Blind Side presents Sean Tuohy and Leigh Anne who are compassionate couples. The film belongs to a family and sports genre. The film talks about an American rich family that adopts a poor and homeless child. The film shows how this family shows the little black boy his way out of poverty. The adopting family is Christian like and white for that matter. It is rather idealistic given the prevailing circumstances. The other factor that makes the movie a bit idealistic is the fact that the film manifests some sense of glitches, some of which depicts a rich American family that is not able to hold the family together.
They demonstrate their humane attributes by taking in a homeless teenager in the name of Michael, also known among his pals as ‘Big Mike’ from African American decent. As a teenager, Mike seems to have had little as far as basic education is concerned. Besides, the young lad has no whereabouts of his father or even mother. It is however shown that the mother is a drug addict, a fact that partly shows why the teenager is homeless. As a mother, Leigh Anne takes it upon herself to ensure that Mike has every opportunity to make it in life. Mike on his part has a dying passion for football. He dies to go into the history books as one of the finest talents the world ever had. On learning this, Anne accords him every support he needs including giving some of the ideas to h…

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