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The Lottery
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6 May 2015
Tradition has been playing a great role in the lives of people from early times. Even if a certain tradition or norm is useful in any way for anyone, it is strictly followed with blind faith. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson is one such story that tells about a town where the people are bound by a tradition that is somewhat brutal, but it is followed without any questions. Jackson has used various types of symbols throughout her story that enables readers to understand the message she wants to convey to her audience.
Central Theme of the Story
The short story The Lottery is about a yearly lottery draw that is held in a small town in New England. According to this lottery, one person is randomly selected and then stoned to death by the other people of the town. The setting and tone of the story is unique and at every step the author uses names and objects that otherwise hide the intention of the lottery. The main idea or theme of this story is the Black Box. The color black represents mystery or doom, and it is true in this case. The fate of a village is locked inside this inanimate black box. Moreover, the old and broken box furthers shows that the people are not willing to embrace new changes, and so they cling to this splintered box and its tradition. They are not even curious to know its origin but accept it as a part and parcel of their lives (Shirley and Stanley, 1968).
The Season symbolizes …

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