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The Legacy of Pres. Abraham Lincoln

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The Legacy of Pres. Abraham Lincoln

Category: Critical Essay

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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The legacy of Abraham Lincoln
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April 16, 1865, an obituary For Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln’s death announcement met Americans with great shock and a mood of uncertainty. The assassin John Wilkes escaped, but the government is on a serious manhunt. With the loss of our sixteenth president on the April 15th, 1865, in a social event as a result of non-patriotic citizen’s conspiracies, we have lost a great leader.
Born in 1809 in Kentucky to Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks, Lincoln is a true son for America. Dying at age 56, Abraham has contributed immensely to our nation politically, economically and socially (Thomas, 2008). He has achieved a lot, but not enough to deserve this cold blood quick send off to his grave.
Lincoln, due to his gained outspoken nature was chosen to be an army captain in the Black Hawk war of 1832. The appointment set his first political step and since then his contribution include the appointment to the Illinois legislature. With continuous political experience he noticed enslaving blacks was not morally upright, he believed that people could be more economically productive when free than enslaved (Schwartz & Schuman, 2005). Lincoln was considered to be charismatic and a good story teller that contributed to the unity of the Union army during the American civil wars. He faced opposition from his generals, cabinet secretaries at times from American citizens, but he was determined to see Ameri…

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