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The Leadership in Medicine Program educates future physicians not only in the basic and

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The Leadership in Medicine Program educates future physicians not only in the basic and

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Admission Essay: Leadership in Medicine program
The leadership in Medicine program is a unique program for the physicians who want to take up leadership roles in the 21st century. The healthcare system is challenged by various issues including financial deliverables, medical ethics, health policies and health care management. It is generally an eight years course and includes the field of basic medicine, knowledge of information technology and administrative knowledge.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to pursue the course on Leadership in Medicine Program (LIP) in your reputed institute, which would start in the coming fall. I have been always inclined in exhibiting leadership roles in healthcare practice, and healthcare settings and this program provides me the most suitable platform to pursue my vision.
I have always been fascinated by the way medical practice has changed over the last few years. Accompanying my near and dear ones to the healthcare setups for treatment, I have witnessed the variety of challenges that the care providers have to accept. From my experience of the healthcare system, I have consciously decided to join this program. In my school I had been always interested in the field of biological sciences, especially in physiology. However, I was also interested in mathematics and always thought that every physiological phenomenon must be related with other through calculations. After entering the college, I took up my majors in Physiology and got an opportunity to understand physiology from a molecular perspective. Therefore, I always had the quest of evaluating a problem based on calculations and an extrapolating relationship between the components of a problem, disease or physiological mechanism. I have been fair in studies and had consistent CGPA grades as evidenced in my detailed resume that is attached with this application.
My experience within the healthcare settings is the guiding factor which has raised my interests in this unique program. In the care settings, there is a requirement for leadership execution, based on core medical knowledge. I understand there have been management programs which indeed builds upon the administrative potential in a clinician. However, the medical knowledge sometimes gets undermined or under-recognized. For example, it would be very easy to formulate an administrative decision to ensure the highest quality of care and effective delivery of health care. However, in various occasions there is a need to understand the clinical issues, before applying any administrative steps.
I am aware that physicians and nursing personnel are often challenged in the exhibition of medical ethics towards their patients. They are challenged with ethical dilemmas and such dilemmas either create a delay in care or inappropriate care, which may lead to a negative outcome in patients. This is a gap in clinical practice, and physicians and other care providers are not very sensitive and appraised of biomedical ethics. Being a leader in the clinical setup, I would guide them in such dilemmas. Moreover, I have also seen that patients are often confused in accessing appropriate care facilities due to financial constraints and limitations. This is a critical situation and often due to inadequate knowledge in choosing care facilities, they may face a delay in treatment outcomes. As a leader in the clinical settings, I would ideally intervene with such patients. I would help them out to access the most appropriate care, within their financial limitations and insurance coverage.
I have also witnessed that administrative staff may not always intervene in the practicing domain of a physician. This is because they are not authorized to do so, and also they do not hold the essential clinical knowledge in sharing concerns with a specific approach of treatment. Physicians act independently in the healthcare systems and are guided by their clinical knowledge of administering care to their patients. Often they are insensitive to the cost of treatment and the financial coverage of an individual patient. Hence, they often render treatment that is generalized and the patients may or may not afford such treatment. Administration cannot comment on such issues and therefore, either the patient is rejected from getting access to care facilities or is put under immense financial constraints. Being a leader with the knowledge of core medicine and qualifications, I would certainly intervene in such situations with my medical peers and plan out a line of treatment which fulfills the healthcare and financial needs of the patient.
The healthcare system is witnessing radical changes, and various recommendations are modified or changed. Updated knowledge on the same and implementation of such knowledge is important to bring about positive healthcare outcomes in patients. However, due to professional pressure, physicians and healthcare providers may not have an opportunity to be updated routinely on such knowledge. I would take the initiative in inculcating and sharing such advancements with my peers. This would enhance the quality of care in the healthcare organization, where I would render my services.
Finally, I strongly believe that healthcare is not an isolated phenomenon, and various individuals are linked like a chain. Being a leader, I would optimize the interactions between different healthcare providers to ensure fast and effective care delivery to the patients. Hence, I would be sincerely obliged if you kindly provide me an opportunity to purse the program above in your reputed institute.

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