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The lay of Richard

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In a land now lost, lived Richard, a soldier whose potent arms defended the kingdom from its foes, and granted him many riches and accolades. Yet, Richard was not a saint, as he had an impediment. For his weakness was women, whose pernicious influence had made Richard falter many times in battle. In the heat of the moment, Richard got carried away, and with full force defeated his enemies, only to return to his tent, to unload his manliness in the womanly vice of the lady who waited him in the camp. Nevertheless, Richard’s integrity was exemplary, as he was a paragon of virtue for all his men. In the day, he was a brave warrior, decimating enemies, without hesitation. In the night, he was a fierce lover who ravished women, and pleased his instincts. He was able to reconcile both of his passions, as the passion for the flesh can take different forms. He persevered in appeasing his appetites, as his relish was legendary. He was known in the whole realm, as an indomitable lover and soldier. Until the day came, and Richard finally found what he was looking for, a woman able to ride him like he rode horses, a woman able to channel his instincts and turned the bloodthirsty warrior, in a bloodthirsty husband. His force was legendary, and a count offer to accolade him, and make him a knight. He refused, for he valued his freedom, but what he did not know was that the count who kindly offered him land and riches was quick to take offense, and Richard gained an enemy for life, an enemy…

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