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The importance of Cyber Security(analytical report)

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The importance of Cyber Security(analytical report)

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Internet

Level: College

Pages: 11

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The Importance of Cyber Security – Analytical Report
Letter of Transmittal
To whom it may concern,
Please find attached the final report titled, The Importance of Cyber Security – Analytical Report as previously commissioned.
The report focuses on cyber security challenges that face small- and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). Through secondary research analysis it delves into the nature of these challenges, causes of the problems, and proposes potential solutions suited for SMEs.
It is my hope that this report will guide management decisions made by SMEs in a bid to help them combat cyber security threats.
Student’s Name.
The report analyzes the importance of cyber security by focusing on the threats to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Secondary research identifies that these organizations are the preferred targets for most attacks. Their level of dependence on technology matches that of large enterprises but their security protocols do not. Research conducted showed that SMEs have weak cyber security protocols that are often exploited by cyber criminals in opportunistic attacks. The attacks range from technical ones such as malware infection to nontechnical ones such as social engineering. The report then proposes a number of solutions for SMEs that can be used to neutralize cyber security threats. The cyber security protocol adopted by SMEs depends on three crucial factors – the level of risk, the natur…

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