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The Importance of Compromise and Compassion

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Importance of Compromise and Compassion
All relationships run into fights and disagreements. In almost equal cases, some of the relationships break while others have the bond between the partners become even stronger than before. The end results from a fight or a disagreement are based on how well the partners in the relationship handle the whole disagreement process. In all cases, one factor that all the partners who have gone through fights agree that the key to solving relationship conflicts is both parties compromising by sacrificing something so that they can both arrive at a decision that does not please any of them (Halperin, Smadar, and Amit 3). Compromising, therefore, is a means by which people seek an expedient and mutual solution that has the same amount of impact on all the parties involves. As a result, compromise is a key element in conflict resolution as it quickens the settlement process, prevents both parties from losing their integrity and feeling humiliated, and acts to get past deadlocks in relationships.
Conflicts between partners tend to drag along for days, weeks and even years if both parties are reluctant to loosen up their sleeves. Eilerman advice that conflict resolution requires both parties to have the heart and the mindset to let go their grips on their opinions and rather consider the importance of reaching a resolution than going for days without making peace with each other. Solving con…

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