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The impact of social media

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The Impact of Social Media on Children Behavior
Introduction the Danger of Social Media on Children Behaviour
Social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat, LinkedIn YouTube, Viber, Whatsapp and many others is the greatest parents’ headache when it comes to bringing up children. Before the introduction of the Internet and the smartphones to the social life, parents most feared cases of child addiction to drugs and unruly behaviour. In some cases, irresponsible sexual behaviour was the parents’ major nightmares to raising up majorly their daughters, and by extension their sons. However, today, all these negative consequences can be bundled together into one package and presented to the children in a funky smartphone that has internet Wi-Fi, sometimes at home or in the nearby cyber café. The addiction to social media presents a new dimension in child development, and it is clear parents are fast losing the game, seeing more children become social deviants right under their watch. This paper analyses the impacts of social media on the behaviour of children in the current society.
Reasons for the Choice of the Topic
Because, in many cases, parents are equal victims of children in the use of social media, with the only difference being the fact that they can more maturely control their appetite to the addictive system. In some cases, parents have the capability to avoid social media only because they have more respons…

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