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The hunter games and twilight

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The hunter games and twilight

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Bella and Katniss Letters
Dear Katniss.
I don’t know if you have read my “so-called” life. If you haven’t, I’ll give you an insider perspective of what it is like. I will make it quick because I have to talk to you about another thing. Before knowing Edward, and thE Cullens, my life was quite ordinary. Actually, I could say that if it weren’t for all my experiences around Edward, I’d be in my bedroom, doing nothing. What can I say about me, Kat? –I hope you don’t mind that I use that nickname-. I’m an average everyday American girl. A product of my era. I could even say that I don’t resemble any kind of person in specific. I don’t know if you have read Jean Eyre, but it might give you an idea of my personality. Being true to myself, it seems that I don’t have distinct qualities that differentiate me from the rest of the American girls. Sadly, being like that have always made me feel like a leaf in the wind. It seems that where my “sweethearts” go, I go as well. For a reader like you, that might seem sordid, or even uncomfortable. The thing is, dear Katniss, that we are products of different eras, and different minds. Throughout my life, I’m rarely seen as exceptional. It is only to love what makes me unique. I am exceptional in another’s eyes. In this case, in Edward’s. I’m not pretty; I’m uncoordinated and generally rather clumsy, but when Edward looks at me, that se…

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