The Hidden Cure for Cancer

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The Hidden Cure for Cancer

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The Hidden Cure for Cancer
This part contains a brief summary of the topic, and an introduction on Dr. Burzynski’s Hidden Cure for Cancer based on the Burzynski movie is a documentary produced, presented and directed by Eric Merola. It also contains the history of the Hidden Cure for Cancer. On January 1977, Dr. Burzynski was subjected to a court trial in Houston, Texas, over his cancer drug invention by the Texas Medical Board (TMB) on the claims of using an unapproved drug by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Conversely, the U.S. federal government, through the respective federal prosecutors in Houston, spent 14 years actively trying to suppress Dr. Burzynski’s cancer drug treatment. Also, it did spend over $60 million to put Dr. Burzynski’s in jail so as to steal and cash in on his patent for the cancer medicine invention. The court trial made Dr. Burzynski spend over the $2.2 million in the legal fee expenses for his defense. However, in 2012, 19th November, the case of the Texas Medical Board against Dr. Burzynski was dismissed making him win the most intriguing and convoluted legal battle in the American history against the FDA (United States, 2010).
Dr. Burzynski’s Cancer Drug Discovery
This section highlights the details of Dr. Burzynski’s discovery of the Cancer drug. The Antineoplastons cancer drug was developed to offer treatment for the cancer diseases and infections through a gene-targeted approach involving the use of amino acids and non-toxic peptides. This part also details the basis of Dr. Burzynski’s cancer drug discovery. The basis of Dr. Burzynski’s cancer drug discovery (Antineoplastons) was that the people infected with cancer disease or those prone to being infected with or contracting the cancerous cells lacked a certain type of peptides in their body cells, while those individuals who are cancer-free have a plentiful supply of the peptide. Therefore, he developed the cancer drug (the Antineoplastons) to provide these peptides that those with cancer lacked. As a result, the Antineoplastons responded positively to the treatment of cancer surpassing all the other cancer treatment on the market (Trudeau, 2014).
How Dr. Burzynski’s Cancer Drug Works in the Care Processes of Cancer Treatment
This part contains the mechanism of Dr. Burzynski’s Cancer drug. The strategy that is studying the entire cancerous genome by analyzing the 24,000 genes in the each of the cancer patients with an aim of identifying the abnormal genes is documented in this section. This section also outlines how The Antineoplastons works. The molecular switches of the Antineoplastons enable the drug to turn off the oncogenes and suppress genes that cause cancer. Conversely, the genetic switches of the Antineoplastons cancer drug enable the drug to activate and turn on the tumor suppressor genes that fight cancer. The Antineoplastons invented by Dr. Burzynski is cancer treatment drug that works on approximately 100 cancer-causing genes (Somers, 2010).
The Effectiveness of Dr. Burzynski’s Cancer Drug in Treating the Cancer Diseases and Infections
This section details the efficacy of Dr. Burzynski’s drug. It also outlines examples in the Burzynski movie. A number of cancer survivors that did choose Dr. Burzynski’s treatment instead of chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation with full disclosure of their original medical records supporting both their diagnosis and recovery are presented. It also provides statistics for the medication. As featured in the Burzynski’s movie documentary, the effectiveness of the Antineoplastons invented by Dr. Burzynski in the curing of cancer is evident on the fact that the patients who received the Antineoplaston treatment significantly outlived those cancer patients who received the chemotherapy drugs and conventional radiation. There was a higher percentage of the patients cured of cancer by receiving the Antineoplaston treatment than those who received the radiation or chemotherapy treatment such as Doxorubicin and Cisplatin (Peskin & Habib, 2012).
In summary, it is explained in the documentary that out of 20 cancer patients who received the Antineoplaston treatment, 5 were free from cancer at the end of the treatment. This represents a 25% in the effectiveness of the Antineoplastons. On the contrary, out of the 54 patients who received the radiation of chemotherapy treatments, 5 were free from cancer at the end of the treatment. This represents a 9% effectiveness of the radiation or chemotherapy treatment (Peskin & Habib, 2012).
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