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The Government and the Economy

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The Government and the Economy

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Subcategory: History

Level: High School

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In what ways does the government oversee and regulate the U.S. economy
Some strategies and laws have been put in place by the government, like tax laws which control the country’s economy. This strategy re putting in place to see the growth of a healthy economy that can raise adequate revenue to facilitate the government’s responsibility to serve its citizens. The first strategy used is through fiscal policy, comprising of tax and spending policy, the other is the monetary policy which aims at keeping the inflation and unemployment rate low. Also, regulatory policy is used to prevent market failure through business regulations that affect the market competition and social regulation used to protect workers, consumers, and the environment. Lastly, trade policy is implemented to protect local producers and increase business to business competition.
The What environmental protections have been implemented by the U.S. since the 1960s?
Implementation of Clean Air Act of 1970 which necessitates the Environmental Protection Agency to set air quality standards and the state governments are given the authority to enforce these laws. Failure to this, the EPA takes over in controlling according to the national standards set. Additionally, citizens are given the rights to sue the EPA if they do not enforce the act. The second implementation is the Clean Water Act of 1972 which aims at making waterways clean enough to swim …

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