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The Goose with the Golden Eggs

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The Goose with the Golden Eggs

Category: Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Subcategory: Art

Level: High School

Pages: 2

Words: 550

The Goose with the Golden Egg
Long time back in the heart of Midlands in Louie town, there lived a man, his wife and a goose that laid a golden egg everyday. The man and his wife had got this goose as a wedding gift and to their utter surprise, it turned out to be their fortune as it would lay a golden egg everyday and they would sell it and get a lot of money. They used this money to run their business and to pay their bills. That Monday morning, as their usual routine, they got up ready to go down to their business which was miles away from home.
Man: Honey, are you ready? Its time we went to the mill.
Wife: Oh yes, am coming, am getting the egg from the goose (shouted the wife from the backyard).
(In the mill)
Wife: Hey, how can I help you?
Customer: I would like five kilograms of flour and three kilograms of Rice please.
Wife: (measures the contents and hands them over to her customer). Here you go.
Customer: Thank you very much.
Wife: you’re welcome.
This routine went on and on for years but one day they felt they couldn’t continue with the business as they didn’t get much profit as they had expected.
One morning they woke up and the man changed his mind about going to the mill.
Man: I don’t think we are getting anywhere honey., its becoming too much and we are soon going to be having our kids and we wont even have enough money to fend for them.
Wife: I had been thinking of that the whole night too, I think we need to do something.
Man: What do you think we should do?
Wife: what about killing the goose so as to find out where exactly this precious metal comes from and then probably we might get rich very fast and have more than enough money for ourselves and for the future.
Man: (Puzzled) what a brilliant idea…
Wife: We can get stared tomorrow morning, instead of going to the mill; we can kill the goose and get the metal.
Man: Yes yes yes… I support you honey! It will work out well.
The following morning, even before day break, they woke up went to the yard with a knife preparing to kill the goose.
Man: Wow! Look, it had already laid a golden egg.
Wife: Yes! It does that every morning.
Man: Well, unfortunately that’s the very last egg.
The wife took the egg and kept it inside the basket and her husband took the knife and killed the goose and as they continued to cut the goose, they then realized that its innards looked like that of any other goose.
Man: where is the precious metal? Where is it?
Wife: Oh my goodness, where is it? Oh no! (The wife fell down and wept)
Man: There is no precious metal, its not there… oh no!!! What shall we do now? (The husband also fell down and wept bitterly)
The man and his wife had nothing else to do as they had already killed their fortune. It became hard for them to even run the business as they had got out of stalk. They regretted for what they had done and surely, if wishes were horses, they would be the first to ride.

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