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The Globalization Project

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The Globalization Project

Category: Compare and Contrast Essay

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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The Globalization Project
1.The WTO was established in 1995 with the aim of bringing down the trade barriers existing among different nations in the world. The WTO is currently among the most secretive and the most powerful international bodies. Since its establishment the organization has rapidly assumed the role of a global government, bringing together 134 countries for the world and under its powers and authority. The Globalization Project is the ideological rationalization of the setting out of neo-liberal policies for the privilege of corporate rights. It involves the free growth or less restriction in the trading of technology, goods, services and capital. The WTO is the only organization in the world that deals with the global rules that apply to trade among different nations. It takes the main function of ensuring a smooth flow of trade, in a free and predictable manner as much as possible.
WTO Vision for Global Development
The WTO vision for global development is the improvement of the welfare of the member countries, especially developing countries. Through its policies for the promotion of trade among member countries, the WTO seeks to help member countries conduct their businesses whether they are producers of services or goods, importers or exporters. In addition, its special provision for developing countries includes allowance of longer periods for the implementation of commitments and agreements, measurement of increasi…

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