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the Global Closet Calculator activity

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the Global Closet Calculator activity

Category: Personal Essay

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

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The Global Closet Calculator Activity
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
What did you discover about where the clothes in your closet came from?
Most of the clothes in my closet come from China and India.
In which parts of the world where most of your clothes made?
Thirty clothes from my closet were made from China. It consisted of 71.4% of my closet wear that has the highest percentage on the map. This percentage consisted of my official shirts, several ties, underwear’s, sandals and several jeans. The others came from India, United States, Uruguay and Indonesia.
What percentage of your clothing was made in the United States?
11.9% of my clothing came from The United States, which was the second highest percentage in the calculator map. This percentage consisted on my winter jackets, ties and several jeans.
Does this surprise you?
I am puzzled as I come from The United States, but most of my clothing is from China. I thought I used homemade clothing’s only to find out that for most of them I depend on China. That was the most surprising thing.
Why do you think most of your clothes were made in China?
As technology has advanced rapidly in China, they have had the power to move their marketing strategies to most of the countries in the world. Chinese suppliers subsidize its fabric and outfits sectors to make tasks and inhibit its currency to keep exports inexpensive. Even so, the real reason the U. S. apparel outfits and fabric manufacturing sectors are shifting to China is that the free industry is working the way it is expected. That is fulfilling companies reinforced by natural industry demand, rapid, high-end outfit’s style and production in U.S (Zhao, 2013).
Is this a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion?
On the country and the stature social side, I find it rather absurd for a whole country that can be independent on its all sectors including the textile industries going for other countries to depend on their clothing. People ought to be independent and purchase their clothing from their countries that have been made from the country as well. Despite the issue of international trade, some of the industries in the country have subsided due to international trade that makes them less effective in making their operations successful in their countries.
What badges did you earn?
Extra Cost,
Knowledge Capital
Why did you make the decisions you did?
I have always been positive on innovation and being independent in all areas of life. With my software developers for the music software, I will be in a good position to create unique products that will give the taste of my electronic company. That will give me superiority and independence on the decisions I will make for the company and its welfare too.
What was the impact of your choices?
To an extent hiring, software developers will be costly since I have to pay and maintain them. On the other hand, I will be in a good position to make unique decisions, see innovation work with brilliant, unique ideas from my working personnel. I will gain independence on the decisions I make and my company will work positively towards a common goal and later save money for me, and I will make profits.
Zhao, J. (2013). The Chinese fashion industry: An ethnographic approach. London:
Bloomsbury Academic.
Arber N. (2002). Geography matters:3. Oxford: Heinemann Educational.

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