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The general theme and historical context of the text

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30 November 2015
The General Theme and Historical Context of Jerald Walker’s “How to Make a Slave”
Jerald Walker’s essay talks broadly about racism and parenthood. The essay brings to our attention the flashbacks of a male character about his childhood. The character seems to have had a very bad experience with his white counterparts as he was growing up. These bad childhood experiences stick to his mind and he refuses to believe that it is possible for the whites to treat a black person with respect. The mentality he has affects aspects of his social life including his choice of wife and the way he brings up his children. This paper discusses the general theme itself and the historical context within which the essay is based.
The Historical Context of Jerald Walker’s “How to Make a Slave”
The essay starts out with an elder sister helping a male character to come up with important points for his presentation about slavery and its abolition (Foster 186). This part brings a hint about the historical setting of the essay. The essay is clearly set around a time in the American history when slavery had already been abolished. From the essay as well as from general knowledge, it is obvious that the level of improvement of life for African Americans was very minimal (“Black History” n.pag.). It even got worse before remote traces of quality life for the blacks started showing. After its abolition, there were frequent publ…

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