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The first time a rode a horse

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The first time a rode a horse

Category: Cause and Effect Essay

Subcategory: Trigonometry

Level: High School

Pages: 3

Words: 825

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The first time a rode a horse
I had admired people go on horseback since I was little. My eyes always stuck on the glowing coats and the rippling muscles with excitement as I drove by the horse field. I was sure to like the smell of a barn. Samuel, my friend’s neighbor had a horse and always passed by Fuzels’ gate while walking the brown, and grey-haired ally. I did not of my attraction towards horse riders was leading me to become an equestrian.
It was a Saturday, and we were helping to trim the grass in Fuzels’ compound when Samuel, unusually appeared past the gate. I could not help staring at him pass majestically on the two-meter tall horse. He was a handsome middle-aged person American height and always with a shiny bundle in his hand. As his eye caught mine, Samuel slowed down and asked me for a ride. This was an irresistible moment; I gave my secateurs to Fuzel and in haste went for a walk. Fuzel knew how much I admired horse riders and irresistibly watched me struggle jumping on the horse. With Samuels’ assistance, I climbed, and we rode away.
Leaning firmly to Samuels back, I decided to speak of my interest in horse riding. Samuel was excited on my interest and promised to get me into the first steps, which I was gladly prepared to take. We later arrived at an open field where now, it was my turn to push my boundaries of learning. He helped me off the horse, and the training had already kicked off. Little theory was necessary on how to bridle the horse, ride, stop, halter, groom, approach, lead, getting to know the essential body parts, some theory on the vision of the horse, and how to avoid its kicks. After getting me ready for the exhilarating experience and spending some time with the horse, I had now made two new friends and my friend ‘Quinchy’ as Samuel named him was ready to give me a ride.
For the first time, Samuel helped me up the horse and shown me how to hold the bridle correctly. Being alone on the horse changed the environment from before, I felt like I was going to fall the next moment. He wanted to leave me ride, but I would not stand the experience, I asked him to lead the horse as we walked calmly across the field. Shaky and overwhelmed, I could not even keep the conversation going. When we finally got to the other end, my eyes were wet with joy; I could not believe my eye.
Samuel was ready to spend another extra hour in the field to allow ample time for me to learn. Slowly I absorbed the excitement gathering courage to make the first ride on my own. I was now getting used to the height and holding the leads so firm that the horse kept stopping even when I did not mean to make a stop. The field was about 700 meters round. A racing horse can do a lap in four minutes. I was determined to make it around before the hour of training was over. I was not able to hear Samuel well, and I decided to lean forward. Suddenly Quinchy started jogging. The initially smooth gait was now feeling uncomfortable making me hold tight. A bit of rattling helped me slow him down as the momentum impact forced me to learn back. As Samuel jogs to catch up with my position, Quinchy had already started to feel irritated following non-linear paths.
The master’s voice itself was enough to stop the horse. Samuel there explained the effect of leaning forward which so far I did not know were the cause of the jogging. These were the first and the introduction to the course content. I had made my Quinchy irritated with my sudden stops and being in his back longer made him more irritated. Samuel helped me down after the horse was calm and later rode back to Fuzels’ home. The ride was a story I knew to tell to my parents and peers for the weekend. I liked Samuel and promised him to take more training in one of the ranches upon his advice.
To be an excellent equestrian, Samuel advised me to enroll for horse riding in one of the ranches and promised bill me out for the monthly cost. He was an angel willing to help me learn and be with me until I could comfortably ride. Following the consequent visit to the larger ranch, I can now comfortably ride and quickly make friends with other horses. The gradually growing liking for horse riding has made my father decide to pay for the ranch rides much often. With the new job and new pay, I know he can now afford to buy me a young horse for a present. My anticipations are getting a horse to take for a ride in our small firm in the countryside.

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