The field of Minimal Access Surgery or Laparoscopic

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The field of Minimal Access Surgery or Laparoscopic

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The field of Minimal Access Surgery or Laparoscopic surgery has always fascinated me, during my period of medical education. Such pitfalls associated with traditional surgery is a concern for patients. The patients undergoing traditional surgery experience increased postoperative pain and are at the risk of post-operative infections. Further, these patients remain confined and do not become ambulatory. This situation leads to various medical complications. One such complication is Deep Vein Thrombosis, and such an incident happened to my father who underwent cholecystectomy. From that very incidence, I was attracted to the field of Minimal Access Surgery owing to its potential benefits of causing less pain, decreased chances of post-operative infection and early mobilization and discharge of the patients to their home settings.
After passing out as a medical graduate from the………………….. Medical College situated at ………………, I decided to return to my home town to pursue a post graduation in Surgery. After successfully completing Post-graduate studies I decided to pursue a resident program in Minimal Access Surgery. However, the Department of Minimal Access Surgery was not modernized. The support system and the operative devices were not adequate which often lead to complications like hypercapnia and delayed the prognosis in such patients. I also noted that the infrastructural support was also inadequate. Hence, I have decided to pursue a resident program in Laparoscopic Surgery from a renowned and esteemed Institution.
I have learned from my peers that the Department of Minimal Access Surgery in your esteemed institute is one of the best Institutes in the United States. Although I belong to ……………………….., I have been assured of a partial fellowship to pursue the Resident’s Program in your Institute. I would be obliged if you kindly provide me an opportunity to accept my candidature for the position above in academic session 2015-2016. I would be also obliged if you kindly provide me a waiver or extend me a partial fellowship in your esteemed Institute. I have heard the joint venture of United Nations with your Institute in developing clinical fraternity for developing countries. With my vigour and interest for this specific field, I assure you of my commitments and sincerity in pursuing the program in your reputed Institute. If I am provided with such chance, it would be of tremendous value to my motherland.
As you are aware, the medical system of our country does not have adequately trained Laparoscopic surgeons. Moreover, my experience reflects that most of the patients in our country are operated through the traditional surgical techniques. This is evident from the increased length of stay in the hospital settings with an increased prevalence of post operative infections, which becomes life threatening in certain circumstances. Due to the increased traffic of patients in our tertiary care set ups, it is difficult to maintain proper aseptic procedures. Therefore, I would benefit from the resident program in your Institution on a holistic basis. I would gather the knowledge on the techniques of modern laparoscopic surgery, the usage of state-of-the -art instrumentation and also the management of the surgical team. With such knowledge, I would like to return to my home country and serve the people with my expertise. I would also like to venture in setting up a Laparoscopic unit on hepatobiliary surgery through a Private-Public partnership. My dreams could only be fulfilled if you kindly provide me a chance to pursue my resident program in your Institute.