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The Ever-changing Yellow Stone National Park

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The Ever-changing Yellow Stone National Park

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The Ever-changing Yellow Stone National Park
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National parks are some of the most protected areas on the earth; however, much like other areas on earth, they are not immune to the effects of climate change. Further, the rich biodiversity that exists in national parks makes them particularly vulnerable to impacts from climate changes. The Yellowstone National Park is of prime importance to their entire nation, and indeed to the entire globe for its pristine and scenic environments and a rich biodiversity. However, in recent years, the national park has experienced significant threats from climate change and the extreme weather patterns that have contributed to an ever-changing face of the Yellowstone national park (Burns, Johnston and Schmitz, 2003).
The continued increase in emissions of heat-trapping gases and a disrupted climate changes have a potential to cause severe damages to the national park. The climate is the average variability of various categories of weather patterns over a period, and with thirty years being the normal period used in measurements. However, short of long periods have been used in the past. In addition, the term climate change may then refer to changes in the average variability of other measures of climate such as, precipitation and temperature, and which persists for a long period, normally they may extend for decades or even longer, and the contributing agents may be human activity …

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