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the ethics of non-employer and non-government-based healthcare insurance alternatives.

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the ethics of non-employer and non-government-based healthcare insurance alternatives.

Category: Analytical Essay

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Level: College

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Employment Health Care Insurance and Alternatives
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It is important to view the stabilization and declination practices that have been witnessed in the recent past specifically in the employment sector and health based insurance. Such facts emanate from various challenges that have been attributed to result due to the improper management system in the health insurance service and system of governance. It gets argued that the healthcare that exists today is not the real one that used to function in the previous years before the inception of world war two.
Various adverse impacts as Goldhill asserts have characterized the current healthcare insurance. Goldhill highlighted from experience and tragedies of death witnessed that the current employment and government health care is not geared towards servicing the citizens by providing quality services in the medical field. The author added that the current jobs and government health insurance are less concerned about the customer’s wellbeing, managing their cost of spending, transparency, and get seen to be wasteful in their dealings. The government of America has displayed a high level of poor administrative cost or spending, inability to provide for a considerable percentage of people, disparities in sharing the cost, enhancing labor-management conflict, and failure to inculcate the employers to work together towards the improvement of the healthcare and reduction of th…

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