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The Employee Retention Committee

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The Employee Retention Committee

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Health

Level: College

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Employee Retention Committee

Employee Retention Committee
Question 1.
The Employee Retentions Committee meeting presented some occurrences and omissions that indicated faulty practice. Firstly, the meeting was called for ten days before its occurrence using unofficial communication channels. Ideally, the members should have been sent reminders that the meeting was to occur on that day and time. This would help them n remembering that a meeting was scheduled. Additionally, official communication channels (such as emails and letters) should have been used to ensure that the members understood the importance of the meeting. Secondly, the meeting agenda should have been presented before the meeting to allow the members to prepare adequately for the meeting. This should have been done when the members were being informed of the meeting occurrence. Thirdly, adequate copies of the meeting references should have been provided at the meeting. In this case, Andrew only had one copy that he was using, claiming he was not aware that others would need copies. He should have assumed that everyone would require a copy. Fourthly, there appears to be no clear demarcation of duties. Even the members are not sure who should be doing what. This makes it difficult to track the committee activities. Each member should be assigned tasks and responsibilities based on knowledge and experience. Fifthly, accurate meeting records should be kept in an orderly and chronological o…

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