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The Effects of Modern Technology

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The Effects of Modern Technology

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Communication

Level: College

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

Effects of modern technology
Modern technology reduces attention. Attention is mainly resolute by the environment. Modern technology has created the world where our attention has been shifted to incredibly. Diversion has substituted consistent attention that seems to reduce our working memory. This creates a condition ADD/ADHD where most suffer from short attention and prone to easy distraction among more other symptoms. This is due to customization of our brains to a wide range of constantly shifting task provided by modern technology. This cause further demanding to neural resources as the brain has to get oriented to the new task. This constant switching also causes creates cognitive overload, making it hard for the brain to process and store the vast information as it exceeds brain ability to process and store it. (Bayrak,78).
Technology has changed our reading habits. This includes replacement of books with eBooks. Note taking with a book and pen has been replaced with taking notes with a note taking using laptop. This has negative impacts to general reading and understanding habit. Researches show that students with notes tend to read them less often than their counterparts who have their notes on paper (Mueller & Oppener, 2014). Their conceptual understanding also varies, showing that students who apply the laptop-note taking reading mode have less understanding and application of the information from the notes. This is explained by t…

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