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The Economics of Chips and Beer

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The Economics of Chips and Beer

Category: Analytical Essay

Subcategory: Economics

Level: College

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

Economics of Chips and Beer
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The Frito-lay company has been dealing with selling snacks for over 80 years. This company has its branches in over 200 countries worldwide. Frito-lay distributes several products, and it makes a lot of sales since it has been known to produce quality goods to its customers. Chips are Frito-Lay’s main product. On the other hand, Anheuser-Busch has been a leading producer of beer globally and it is the top five consumer goods company worldwide. In this excerpt, I will examine the economies of Chips and beer produced by these two companies.
Chips Description and Usage
Frito-lay produces several flavors of chips with an aim of satisfying the needs of their customers. They have more than 150 flavors of chips that are uniquely flavored to meet the different needs of their customers. One of their flavors is Doritos Dinamta that is Nacho Picoso Rolled Tortilla Chips. This is a rolled tortilla chip that is designed to add an extra kick to their customer’s snack time. Another flavor of chips is the Lay’s Pico de Gallo. This type is loaded with different flavors that are obtained from the Mexican recipe that include onion, tomato, and cilantro. Another flavor of chips that is produced by the Frito-lay company is the Ruffles that are loaded with Bacon and the Chedda potato skins (Attaran and Grijalva, 2001). Sunchips is another type of flavor that is produced by the Frito-lay company it is also called the Mult…

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