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The Differences Between Rich and Poor Countries

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The Differences Between Rich and Poor Countries

Category: Autobiography Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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The gaps that exist between rich and poor countries are inevitable. Both the economic and social class status is the key drive for the differences. When you close to examine the situation of most countries, you realize in one way or another the countries are never at the same level. Usually, the developed countries are the voice of reason to the least developed countries. The developed countries have an extra advantage of exercising their power towards the least developed countries that depend on financial aid from those states. If for example you compare U.S and Burma, there are so several varying factors that distinguish the economic and social status of the two countries regarding lifestyle and economic conditions. But this doesn`t mean Burma is the worst country in the world but rather poor compared to U.S. The two countries differ with the highlighted factors:GOVERNMENT
The U.S government is federal. The government comprises of central states that are self-governing. The Burma government is a constitutional government chaired by the president. It follows the rules of the constitution that help the leaders to exercise power. The way power is divided great impact on the procedure that is followed to pass and implement laws.
The population between the two countries is another factor. The latest population census indicated that Burma has an approximate population…

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