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The Death Penalty

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The Death Penalty
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The Death Penalty
Definition and History of The Death Penalty
The death penalty is the punishment by death that is usually administered to offenders who have committed various capital offences and is also known as capital punishment. The various crimes and offences that lead to capital punishment in various countries include murder, robbery with violence that leads to one or more dead individuals. Other offences that are punished through death penalty include adultery mostly in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, human trafficking in China. Treason, espionage and desertion are serious offences during times of war that are usually punished by death penalty. Death penalty takes various execution methods that include hanging where a rope is tied around an offender, and he/she is then released from a high height, the electric chair where the offender dies from electricity circulation in their body. Firing squad is another method in which the convicts are shot by some people in a line. Other methods include stoning and the cutting off of one’s head that was mostly used in the earlier periods in many countries. (‘The Death Penalty’, 1955).
The concept of the death penalty has been in existence from as early as the Eighteenth Century B.C where well-known death penalty laws are documented in the era of King Hammurabi of the Babylon Empire. (Deathpenaltyinfo.org, 2015). The King set 25 different offences that required…

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