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The Connection Between Diabetes and Suburban Sprawl

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The Connection Between Diabetes and Suburban Sprawl

Category: Cause and Effect Essay

Subcategory: Biology

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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The Connection between Diabetes and Suburban Sprawl
Answers to the questions
Summary: After World War-II America had the power and great minds that were ready to make outstanding cities and societies. They were having world’s best architectures and designers with a great social leader who made a layout create modern America after the war. In that design, they kept companies and industries far from retails that are two with separate residences. Workplaces and residential were far from each other, so they made the use of cars and other means of transportation to get to work.
In the recent years, Americans are living on the city outskirts where housing is cheaper though they need to travel a lot for shopping and to work. They highly depend on cars and such facilities; that prevent them from walking; that are a form of exercise. There is also, what get termed as “Macdonaldization” the high reliance on junk and fast foods. This dietary imbalance leads to type 2 diabetes and many health related problems. The Younger generation of America is having high obesity and diabetes problem than ever because of such suburban development.
Information about Dr. Jackson and reason behind the series: He works in environment health relating with children. He was chairperson at the American academy of pediatrics committee on environment health. He worked on the board of directors of the American Institute of Architect and an elected member of American Society of Landscape. Currently, he is working on policy analysis of environmental health. He got the highest honor of public health association. He has earned lifetime achievement award on breast cancer fund’s hero (Designing healthy communities- category host). He has set up a link between health and the way our communities are living in suburbs, which made a high level of health issues like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and asthma related problems. Jackson is afraid to inform us younger generation would live lesser than their parents because of their lifestyles would.
Critiques about the topic and information about public health problems: As explained by Dr. Jackson it has been only the American lifestyle and their way of living. Development of the urban lifestyle and the segregation of residential, workplace and shopping malls have called for the excessive use of motor transport cutting out the chances of walking. They even depend on such carriers that lead them to have problems of health like depression, diabetes and heart diseases. Children, youngsters and old ages need to live far from their friends and relatives, which cause dependability on cars. Lifestyle made food habits very junky. Fast foods increase obesity, and that lead to type 2 of diabetes and heart-related diseases.
Leafy suburbs have also played a great deal in cutting out the social lives of American citizens. A person who has diabetes under the age of 35 they have less life of 15 years. Because of such communities changing life run and changing in food habits 78000 related amputations, 200,000 end-stage kidney disease. 5 million people has vision problems, 25 million have diabetics most common with children, 79 million pre-diabetic that causes annual $ 200 billion cost treatments. Such scenario is harmful to next and current generations (Jackson & Sinclair n.pg). People should understand its causes to society and should start doing environmental and lifestyle changing as soon as possible. For making better lifestyles, governments and architects should start planning their projects in such a manner to reduce dependency on motor transport. Good and improved food habits can make a better life, and obesity level would be down especially in children. For sustaining society, one should start sustains environment and health of individuals that automatically help to get good and valuable lives.
Information to be added: As information provided here is excellent and almost cover all issues, there are some parts that need to be included. Some include: steps to be taken and the foods to recommend avoiding fast foods. The second part is that they should concentrate more on diabetes parts rather than doing architecture part so long. More counterparts for suburbs as to why people should live in the city should also be added.
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