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The City of London

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The City of London

Category: Annotated Bibliography

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

Pages: 1

Words: 275

The City of London
Phoebe Trimingham and Things to Do Editors. 101 Things to Do in London. 21 October 2015. Web.
In this web page, the magnificence of London has been brought to light. The writer has outlined the places that an individual with an interest to pay a visit to London would consider. Starting with the indoor activities that a person can engage in, the writer moves to the outdoor activities and even highlighting the hotspots with the town. Historical events, theaters and even the best hotels and their alternatives have been addressed in this web page. The importance of the web page will only be known by an individual who is visiting London.
Santos, Georgina, and Jasvinder Bhaskar. “The impact of the London congestion charging scheme on the generalized cost of car commuters to the city of London from a value of travel time savings perspective.” Transport Policy 13.1 (2006): 22-33.
For this article, the author has focused majorly on the cost of carriage within the city of London. Congestion in the city come with several challenges to the travelers and visitors to the city. The study has, however, been designed to assess congestion schemes and their related charges. It has also been determined, through the study, that the choice of the mode of transport influences the smooth movement in the town. Time is also another factor that affect the selection of the mode of transportation. The study determines that the generalized cost…

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