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The Chances Of Becoming A Professional Baseball Player Revision

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The Chances Of Becoming A Professional Baseball Player Revision

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The Chances of Becoming a Professional Baseball Player
Anyone who’s grown up playing sports has probably nursed the fantasy of going pro at least once. However, dreams outweigh the reality by far. The odds of going pro for any sport, including Baseball, are low. There exists a fierce completion for the few slots available even for the young athletes who perform exemplary well in both their high school and college sports.
When it comes to Baseball, it is a little tricky to pull numbers as compared to hockey. It experiences more levels of play, from the ‘fun leagues’ to the high competition, as a result of few barriers to entry.
This essay is written centered on figures attained from the National Collegiate Athletic Association, for baseball players in the USA high schools. It is important to consider that the odds being broken down are those of being admitted into the MLB; those of a high school player in the United States. There are tens of thousands of kids who fail to make it to the high school baseball. There are also those who come in from Puerto Rico, Canada, Dominican and everywhere else.
In the US, there is a huge difference between hockey and baseball. This difference arises in the drafts of these two leagues. The MLB draft is much more diluted when compared to that of the NHL. For the NHL, 215 players are normally picked in 7 rounds. The MLB’s, on the other hand, has a draft that lasts up to 40 rounds which has compensatory picks, that total up to an excess of 1200 picks. As a result, while the NHL will signs up 215 players yearly and have less than 700 players actively playing in the league at any particular time, the MLB will sign up 1200 players per year and have more than 750 players participating in the league at any particular time.
With all that said, it is important to have a look at the numbers. In the US, 1 out of 100 high school players has an opportunity to play professional baseball. This means if an individual plays baseball in high school, he has a 1% chance of indulging in professional baseball. This percentage, however, is not for playing in the big leagues but for reaching to any level of playing professional baseball. This implies that the percentage of playing baseball in the MLB or any other big leagues is slightly lower than 1%. This can be looked from different angles.
It can be assumed that from 5 teams each having 20 baseball players, there is a single player who has an opportunity of playing professional baseball. This means that only one out of all the local high schools will go pro. Obviously, there are areas that have more talent and consequently attract more scouts. If one is in such a place, the chances of going pro will significantly increase. There are areas that may not be as lucky and might be ignored, thereby reducing the probability of players being picked.
However, while completion plays a big role in whether one will make it to the professional levels or not, there are other factors that can derail or contribute to whether you will be able to play professional baseball. Injuries that occur to tendons, ligaments and joints can quickly derail a promising baseball career while individuals who take the time to do some extra practice or invest in private coaching increase their chances of going pro.

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