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The Causes of the American Civil War

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The Causes of the American Civil War

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: History

Level: College

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The Causes of the American Civil War
The civil war of 1861-1865 is one of the most defining events in American history. The aftermath of the war had a great impact on the lives of Americans and the relationship between the Northern and Southern states. The real cause of the war is one of the most controversial things and has been debated by historians ever since the last gun went silent. Two opposing camps have emerged.
On one hand, there are those who argue that the war was solely caused by differing positions regarding the status of slavery by the warring sides. The Northerners were increasingly pushing against slavery as they were for abolition and the freeing of slaves. This is because the institution of slavery grew more unpopular and unattractive due to the presence of European immigrants who provided cheap labor. Furthermore, the economy of these states was driven by the industrial sector that made slaveholding an increasingly expensive affair. In addition to this, there are moralists such as the Quakers who actively fought for abolition arguing that it was immoral to keep using slave labor.
In contrast to this, the Southerners were firmly for slavery and would hear nothing about abolition. The main reason behind this position was the economic interests of these states. They for the most part driven by an agrarian sector that was greatly dependent on the labor provided by slaves. In the South, the cotton and tobacco industries were booming with massive exports to Europ…

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