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The Case for Birthright Citizenship – End birthright Citizenship now

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The Case for Birthright Citizenship – End birthright Citizenship now

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The case for Birthright Citizenship
After the adoption of the fourteenth amendment to the constitution of the US in the year 1868, citizenship of all the children that were born in the region was controlled by a clause. The clause stated that all the persons who were naturalized or born in the US and who were around the region were officially citizens of the US. They were to automatically become citizens of the states in which they resided. Such information has currently come under criticism, and members and other stakeholders feel that this is a way of giving them birthright citizenship.
Those that were excluded from the group of birthright citizenship were all those children that were born of Native Americans and diplomats. The area of dispute currently in the 14 amendment is the issue of different foreigners who travel to the US for purposes of giving birth. Such members contend that since the children have been born in the US soil they are eligible to become American citizens. Other children in dispute are those that belong to different immigrants that have moved to the US in search of work and other amenities.
Such problems have led to various debates and groaning among the Republicans who feel that the 14 amendment should be reinterpreted for purposes of ending birthright citizenship among those who give birth while in the US. This they argue will stop those who give birth while in the US and officially confer them with the US ci…

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