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The benefits of technology in soceity today

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The benefits of technology in soceity today

Category: Creative Essay

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The Benefits of Technology in Society Today
Technology has played significant roles in the today’s society. It postulates several benefits that have enhanced daily operations. Technology continues to influence and shape perceptions of the society members in the contemporary world. Technological advancements have improved the living standards of people. Currently, everything is accessible and convenient because of improvements in technology in the holistic sectors of the society. It has enhanced convenience, effective communication, accuracy and development of various sectors. In this research essay, the focus will be on exploration and examination of how technology influences every aspect of the modern society such as business, communication, human relationships, education, purchasing, healthcare, banking, and transportation.
In the modern society, technology has been an essential tool towards automating business operations and activities, which aim at improving the quality of products and services concerning the demands and needs of the consumers. Technology has improved business through saving money. Companies and other small businesses save money by using technology to undertake given activities. Usually, businesses spend a lot of money to hire an employee to undertake certain roles. It is expensive, and the employees are unable to deliver the service efficiently and effectively. Technology enables an organization to produce more output with few human resources. For example, in retail inventories there is no need of employing staffs to manage and monitor the inventories. The use of database systems will enhance the accessibility of the inventories by the customers thus reducing expenses. Besides, technology reduces time in doing an operation, which will result in increased productivity in the business. Machines and computers also perform certain tasks faster and efficiently. Technology has also made purchasing easy. E-payment systems such as Square Wallet App and Paypal.com have made buying and selling easy. People can flexibly buy products online at their disposal or homes. Furthermore, business entities have been able to use technological advancements to integrate with and engage stakeholders or consumers in the niche of interest. This is through the incorporation of technological aspects such as social media, e-mail, websites, and mobile devices to improve effectiveness and efficiency in addressing the demands and preferences of the consumers. Categorically, the role and influence of technology in the business is evident in increased profitability, improved productivity levels, enhance efficiency in the delivery of products and services, and quality platforms such as information system towards accessing and sharing information.
Technology has boosted communication. Earlier, people could only communicate through writing letters. They would wait for postal services to deliver the messages, and this was inconvenient and unreliable due to late delivery. However, technology has now enhanced the communication sector to be so effective and easy. For example, one can draft a business message and email or fax it immediately. Technology has also enhanced easier holding of meetings through video conferencing. People are now not worried about being late for a meeting. Through the video conferencing technology, they can attend and participate in the meeting virtually. Technology has increased human relationships. In the current society, people are highly focused on their jobs and have little time to visit their friends or relatives. Importantly, technology has the solved the problem. Using the social network technology, one can meet and connect with friends and new people. Technologies like mobile phone apps enable people to meet old and new friends. Besides, social networks such as Facebook.com and Twitter.com have made it easy to connect with new people.
Technology has enhanced the education system. Technological devices such as mobile apps enable students to learn with comfort. A student can conveniently access a library with the mobile app such as the library app and book crawler. Besides, technology has promoted e-learning. One can attend classes virtually and sit for exams from their homes using their computers. Similarly, technology has improved the health sector. The quality of life and people’s health have highly improved. X-ray machines have enhanced the diagnosis of complicated diseases such as cancer hence promoting quick recovery. Electronic health records have also created enormous savings in the health costs. Banking has also developed with the use of electronic banking. Visa Electronic Card, enables people to move freely with money without fears of being robbed. Technology has also improved the transport sector. Advanced transport systems like airplanes, cars, and trains have improved the standards of living. Therefore, it is evident that technology plays a key and significant role in the society. The success or growth of any society in the contemporary world depends on technological advancements.
Conclusively, technology continues to be a revelation towards improving diverse aspects of the contemporary society. According to the concepts and findings in this essay, technology has been essential in enhancing communication among society members. Besides, technology has been valuable towards enhancing and improving delivery of quality services in the educational and healthcare sectors. In the business field, technology continues to facilitate automation of addressing various business activities in line with the demands and needs of the consumers. Besides, technology has been able to transform consumers’ purchasing behavior through increased engagement between buyers and sellers on the internet platforms; thus, convenience, flexibility, and agility in the maximization of the needs of the consumers.

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