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The American Past

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The American Past

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The American past
The United States of America is currently known to be the world superpowers. Their ways of life and living standards inspire a lot of the third world countries. People do not seem to acknowledge the fact that every shiny thing has a past. Before the states became what are seen today, the United States had a diverse beginning that needs to be recognized. In this study, the discussion will be based on the American past.
The history of the United States begun many years ago with the first arrivals, the Native Americans who used to live beyond the contact of the outside world before the coming of the European explorer. There was a radical transformation throughout the societies that were initiated by the contact of cultures. According to the book, the rush to colonize and conquer America begun with the Spanish before the arrivals of the Europeans. The Americans responded to the contact in many ways as they were not willing to give into colonization. The arrival; of the European affected the Native Americans who had entered a new world by then. The natives were not passive in their dealings with the explorers and did not recognize that the Europeans were culturally superior. In most of the cases, the two parties were involved in cultural negotiations. The attempt of the Europeans to convert the Americans was faced with massive rebellion and it failed.
At any time when the two groups came to contact, they could be seen exchanging ideas, goods, crops and other valuable items including technologies. Their interaction was as well accompanied with some challenges. There was the transmission of diseases that led to the decline in the population of the natives.
One can easily note that the United States had to deal with some issues before they became the successful state that is seen today.

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